Wet: A Memoir of My Life Churn

Wet is the book I’m working on now. I’m writing a second draft of this memoir in 2017.

Here’s a summary of the story. If you are interested in this book, I invite you to sign up for the early reader list below. This describes a woman in third-person, but of course that person is me.

Wet is the story of a bold, intelligent, independent, and outwardly successful mid-thirties woman who ditches her dry Silicon Valley tech existence to rediscover life in Rio de Janeiro, only to discover there that she’s lonely and has deeper intimacy issues than she’d realized, that in fact she feels “dirty” about her sexuality in a way that may connect back to an incident of abuse from when she was 10, an incident she is not ready to face yet.

A complicated three-way relationship with a charismatic artist and his girlfriend and a night of disturbing sex takes her to her darkest realization of what she doesn’t want, but tango gives her a first taste of sensual wholeness and self-possession, an awakening of power augmented by her foray into Orgasmic Meditation, but ultimately brought to fruition by facing the reality of her childhood abuse, and working that trauma out of the body via the therapeutic powers of tango.

In broad themes, it’s a story of moving from a hollow, disembodied existence to a fully alive, embodied existence, but that’s not the main theme, because reclaiming her body also reawakens the sexual trauma, and it’s the working through of the trauma that is the real story, a powerful one. So then, this is also a story about letting down defenses, taking risks, and releasing shame.

Ultimately Wet is a story about facing fear—realizing the past can no longer hurt you and you have nothing to fear.

For a sneak preview, listen to this podcast.