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Awaken your body and soul

Your sexuality and sensuality is connected with everything else in your life, relationships and dating, intuition, your self-esteem, health, energy, confidence and enjoyment of life.

All too often, we neglect these parts of us, or bury them.

You want to work on your sexuality, but you don’t know how.

When I work with my clients through Wet coaching, we talk about sexuality and sensuality and also about how you reconnecting with yourself here connects with areas of your life.

When you work with me as a Wet Coaching client, you get a dedicated space with the support of a skilled guide to:

— Talk freely and explore your unique sensuality and sexuality
— Find your unique expressions of being sensual and sexual as a woman whether you are single or couple in ways that are honest, transparent, and full of self-care
— Develop key discernment skills to take care of yourself and your boundaries in dating, relationships, and sex
— Revive parts of you that feel buried or lost
— Shed societal conditioning about sexuality
— Find ways of being sensual independent of sex
— Embrace your body and choices without guilt, shame or self-doubt
— Own your sexuality and sensuality — from the confidence of looking in the mirror and liking what you see to having sex with more confidence
— After divorce or a long period of celibacy, learn how to navigate dating, sex, relationships, technology and who you want to be now
— Let go of fear of bliss and sensuality.

It’s all connected
My Wet coaching clients come to me because talking about sex and sensuality is important, and almost always we talk about other things going on in your life too such as career, dating, or relationships.

You may be surprised to discover how connected this part of your life is to your confidence in every other arena. We’ll talk about other key areas–whatever is most relevant for you.

About me

You want to feel comfortable with the person you choose to talk about such intimate topics, so let me tell you about me.

I grew up, actually, in a quite repressed suburban New England town that was ruled as much by Catholicism as it was by Puritanism. I certainly did not feel comfortable talking about sex with my parents or anywhere at all in Cranston–I was quite the “good girl” in high school. In college, I started to explore and expand, by trial and error and heartbreak of course. When I transferred to Barnard College, the women’s college of Columbia University, I started to fully explore sexuality by always looking at sex from new angles: buying my first vibrator, visiting Times Square peep shows to write about the experience, and advocating for bisexual acceptance in the gay community. I even wrote my college thesis on bisexual bohemians in Post-WWI Greenwich Village.

Since those college days, I’ve made the exploration of female sexuality a focus in my life–I’ve always been looking for the “more.” I always believed there must be more than what we see in magazines and certainly more than what we see represented in porn. I’ve studied everything from Tantra to Taoist sexuality to tango. I’m at work on a memoir now called Wet that is the story of my own journey of healing from trauma through sensuality and sexuality.

I combine everything I know as a professional life coach with my extensive training in female sexuality to help other women like you step forward to define what wet means for you. I believe your sexual radiance will fuel the radiance of your entire life. Life is too short to not experience the fullness of enjoying being in your body without all the bullshit from society layered on top of it. I welcome hearing from you and working with you to help you find your wet. I will be a supportive guide you can trust to make you feel comfortable and work with you gently at your own pace.

How it works

I generally talk to my clients bimonthly, sometimes we talk weekly if you are going through an intense tradition such as a divorce or a move.

You can do this work from the comfort of your own home. We’ll talk via Skype or phone.

After every session we will co-create your playwork, a way for your to further the insights and make them real in your own life. These will always be carefully chosen so you are stretching out of your comfort zone but not so much that it’s too much. You’ll always have my support.

I encourage you come on a Tango Adventure or Body-Positive Adventure retreat too if you can. We’ll talk about how to make that possible for you. As a coaching client you get a discount.

Here’s what some clients have shared about working with me:

“”’I’ve worked with a coach for 10 years—working with Sasha has taken coaching to a new level. Aside from the fact that Sasha is the first woman to ask me to listen to my pussy — as well as my mind, heart and gut—Sasha has a unique style of coaching. She assigns “playwork” which she reads thoroughly before and after sessions, which makes sessions less of a “catch-up” and more of a “dig in.” Sasha isn’t a “yes person”— she challenges you, keeps you on track, always in a compassionate and collaborative way.”–Carrie, Asheville, NC

“I was coming out of a long marriage with an incompatible partner when I started Wet coaching. I had a typical English reserved feeling toward sexuality; everything is very unspoken. I had the feeling sexuality had the potential to impact all areas of my life, including my self-esteem, but I wasn’t sure how.

Within my circle of friends I didn’t have people I could talk to.

Sasha brings structure and checked in with me a lot about what was most important to discuss. I think Sasha has an ability to tune into people and help them understand themselves.Through working with Sasha, I learned how good sex made me feel about my body and myself. The top thing I learned by working with Sasha is to value sex. I’m having the best sex of my life.”–Jeannette, 46, UK

“I’ve had vaginismus (painful sex) for a few years. I tried working through it on my own with a step-by-step self-help guide, and with doctors, but hit a block. Avoiding sex with my partner of seven years became a habit. I was feeling like something was wrong; my libido was gone.

Quite quickly Sasha made me feel comfortable. Working with Sasha on my sexuality and sensuality, and my vaginismus, has been enlightening, interesting, fun, emotional, useful, exciting, therapeutic.

My partner and I are having the best sex of our 7-year relationship. I am experiencing pleasure that I didn’t know was possible. I wouldn’t have come this far without working with Sasha.“–Laura, 28, Canada


The first step is to tell me about you and what you want to explore through Wet Coaching. Click here to request a consult.