Wet: A Memoir of My Life Churn

We are all damaged in some way. We are all coming from some wounded place in our search for love and connection. Sometimes we need to do work within first to be able to open ourselves up to the risks of true love, for the process of love always involves risk.

The book is about healing shame in order to be open to true intimacy–which is what I wanted all along. It’s also a bit of an adventure book, kind of a female On The Road, since my healing didn’t come only through a therapist’s office: the healing also happened on the beaches of Brazil, dancing tango, learning about orgasmic meditation and in my relationships with men and family.

Wet will be part of a tradition of books that look at the authentic female sexual experience.

Ultimately Wet is a story of unlocking secrets through the body, of a woman forming her own definition of what it means to be truly alive and live a turned-on life.

In many ways, Wet is the follow-up to Quirkyalone, but it’s a much more personal book. In Quirkyalone, I looked at the lives, psychologies and personalities of people who prefer to be single rather than settle. In Wet, I investigate my own personal history in being single, relationships, and sexuality.

The book takes us through many sensual experiences including sex and tango, reminding us we are a body first and the body remembers.

Ultimately Wet is a story about facing fear—realizing the past can no longer hurt you and you have nothing to fear.

The title is designed to make you blush. Wet is an homage to female sexuality that gets diminished in our culture into being a caricature, a performance.

Female sexuality is always more hidden and cloaked, more mysterious. To be wet is not nearly as obvious as a hard-on. Wet is about more than sex. It is about vitality and sensuality. It is about blushing and the blood coursing through us. It is about saying yes to ourselves and life. And pleasure. Even with our conflicted relationship to pleasure.

Sex and sensuality are missing when we talk about personal growth and therapy. My journey was a story of healing through my body and sensuality.

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WET is percolating in my computer. In 2017 I am working on the second draft—it’s a long but worthwhile journey to bring this book to you!

I am so excited about the conversations WET will spark.

As I write, I want to gather contacts of people who are interested in this work now and wetness coaching or in other learning. Getting in touch with your own sense of pleasure and sensuality can impact your vitality, self-esteem and your life outside the bedroom.

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