Sola Chica Tangasm

A self-guided transformative tango adventure in Buenos Aires from my tango heart to yours

Hey, you, adventurous lady. Did you ever write “dance tango in Buenos Aires” on your bucket list?

You want to have an amazing Buenos Aires tango vacation that goes beyond the obvious tourist shows. You want to have an experience. You don’t want to just sit and watch. You want to dance.

…you’re tired of work, work, work. You need pleasure in your life—it’s time
…you want an international adventure that is safe, but also thrilling
…you want to more confidence, to let go, to listen, to trust, to trust yourself and use your vacation as a chance to grow
… maybe you’re coming off a break-up and you want to heal your heart
…you want to reconnect to your femininity and sensuality
…you’d like to have your first tangasm — and learn about what that’s all about!

this is a tangasm!

You’ll see lots of tango in the wild – and join in

You can come on our annual Group Adventure but if you’re a sola chica, you want to do it when it works for you.

The Sola Chica Tangasm is a great alternative that gives you the play-by-play to do the Tango Adventure yourself.

As one woman who came on a recent adventure told me, “If I had come on my own with one week, maybe I would have had 1 amazing day. With your help I had 7 amazing days.”

You get everything we do in the group tour with all the curriculum and contacts, preloaded.

The Sola Chica Tangasm is not just information. You’ll also get connections to this underground community of passionate tanguero/as.

When you sign up you get an email with a special secret code unique to you. This code is your passport to insider treatment and special discounts with the tango teachers, shoe shops, tango taxi dancers and others I have hand chose for you.

If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. Beginners are best positioned for the tangasm. You’ll learn all about it once you are here. My instructions will guide and support you.

You won’t be alone because you’ll get access to my transformative team of tango teachers, tango insiders/milonga guides, and taxi dancers (or as we call them, companions to your evolution). These are Argentines and expats from around the world who have change their lives to live their tango dreams in Buenos Aires.

You don’t need a partner. Tango is a social dance. You’ll dance with a variety of people. The itinerary will help you connect with men to be your tango taxi dancers. If you’re a guy we also have female taxi dancers.

If you’re concerned about safety, we tell you everything in the itinerary–to make it all easy and stress-free for you based on local knowledge.

These are two of my favorite taxi tango dancers – chosen for you. They will accompany you on your first steps on the dance floor.

The itinerary will send you to my favorite artisanal tango shoe makers. Some can do custom-made.


That’s me and my favorite artisanal tango shoemaker goofing around. You’ll get to meet her and see how her tango shoes are made.

This Sola Chica itinerary is full of days that are recipes for tango bliss. Like a chef who lived every recipe, I give you all my secrets for an incredible tango experience based on my 8 years of experience.

Believe me, I wasted a lot of time and money buying tango shoes that didn’t work out and I’ve heard all the taxi dancer horror stories. With this itinerary you benefit from all my mistakes, my relentless searching and my ability to spot the nicest, warmest, most gentle and transformative people to be around.

buenos aires tango vacation

That’s one of the milongas on your itinerary you’ll visit.

You’ll get a 7-day hour-by-hour itinerary based on 8 years of my lived-it secrets in Buenos Aires and 5 years of leading the Group Tango Adventure. Every day is designed with my curatorial eye and my life coach background to create transformative experiences from tango.

You’ll get a workbook with prompts every day to guide you to move beyond your fears and reflect on your tango experience.

The itinerary will set you off on an adventure that includes:

  • the best tango teachers chosen for each level oriented by Sasha to the transformative tango approach
  • psicotango private session (the intersection of psychoanalysis and tango to learn about yourself through the dance
  • the best milongas night by night chosen for your level and age
  • local tango insider guides who to meet you for coffee and a milonga to orient you to the culture and codes
  • taxi dancers to help you dance (or as we call them, companions to your evolution),
  • the best restaurants for you if you’re omnivore, vegetarian, vegan or celiac/gluten-intolerant/gluten-free
  • secret showrooms for the most beautiful, comfortable, stable artisanal tango shoes
  • secret spots for body-positive tango clothing
  • delicious massage
  • TANGO GODDESS PHOTO SHOOT! with connection to tango dancer-model to be in the shoot with you having fun if you want with a hyper-talented photographer who shoots for Netflix
  • Boutique hotel recommendation in a safe central chic neighborhood to eliminate hours of googling stress!

We recommend you get the Sola Chica Itinerary at least a month in advance of your trip so you can set things up for your do-it-yourself adventure. We’ll tell you how to do that in the itinerary, so everything is super easy. You will feel like a local fast.

a tango goddess shoot photo — with tango-dancer-model. We’ll put you in touch if you want that experience!

My body felt totally alive.

Being in a different place really has a huge power with Sasha’s guidance. After the piscotango workshop my body felt totally alive. Discovering tango has given me a new outlet that supports my need for touch – whether in a relationship or not. I’m much stronger in my values–I ask for what I want and I don’t settle anymore. Tango has given me so many things things in Life–and I have Sasha to thank! That sense of myself, my power, my sensuality, and a greater feeling of owning my space in this big old World.”

Carissa Giblin, Tampa, Florida

The trip had a huge impact on me.

“The trip to Buenos Aires was lovely, and in many ways, the perfect tango adventure. The itinerary created by Sasha is carefully planned, and considerate of a traveler’s need for downtime.  I cannot tell you how much the little things I learned during the trip have impacted my everyday life.”

Sonya Gueretta, San Francisco, CA

Easy. Itinerary in Hand. Tangasm On.