Say "I Do" to Yourself

Whether you're single or married

What would your self-marriage be about?

What vows would you make to yourself? What would you wear? Who would be present? Would you get a ring or would you choose another symbol to remember this special day?!

Self-marriage is a growing trend but it’s little understood. Self-marriage is not about being single, nor is it about being celibate. It’s a deep act of self-acceptance.

You can read more about my perspective and experience with marrying myself and helping other women marry themselves in this Vogue interview, Why Women Are Choosing to Marry Themselves. 

Self-marriage taps into the power of ritual–your vows weigh more in your memory when you have a ritual and symbol to remember them.

Each person gets to define the meaning of the self-marriage for her or himself. That makes self-marriage a richly creative and meaningful journey.

I’ve been a pioneer of the self-marriage movement by writing about in my 2004 book Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romanticcs and then marrying myself 10 years later at age 40 as a coming-of-age ritual and an act of self-love witnessed by a handful of my closest, dearest friends.

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