As women we walk out on to the street nervous, checking out who is around and if it’s safe to walk around. One woman I recently shared pussywalking with suggested, and I agreed, that we might feel safer when we occupy our pussies as we walk. When we pussywalk, our posture naturally lifts, we become bigger and we radiate a confidence.  Pussywalking can get attention from men and women but when we pussywalk we are sending attention from an empowered place. That pussywalking confidence can have an aura of “back off.” I’m here, I’m pussywalking, salute me respectfully, but don’t get in my way.

Later I talked with some women in California who told me that when she inhabited her pussy she also felt stronger and more present.

Watch these videos for that conversation.

I have two next steps that would be amazing from these conversations:
1) Social science researchers could do a study on how pussywalking affects reactions (and harassment) on the street. Pussywalking is the female power pose so let’s look at whether it makes a difference in perceptions of safety, courage, and reactions.
2) Pussywalking would be a great addition to self-defense classes. Self-defense workshops teach women to use their voices when they are attacked. Sacred sexuality workshops teach that when you open up your pussy energy your voice grows louder too. There are definitely some pussywalking-self-defense connections for us to explore.

If you haven’t seen the original pussywalking videos, you must. Here they are.

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