Forget pussygrabbing. Let's start pussywalking.
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What if you could feel more confident by tapping into the power of your vagina?

I grew up in New England where we don’t talk about sex and we certainly don’t use the word “pussy” unless it’s an insult.

But I tapped into the power of my vagina and I want the same for you too.

Pussywalking is a revolutionary technique I discovered in my own study of tango, sensuality and female empowerment in everyday life.

Pussywalking can turn upside down how you feel about yourself and how others see you.

That’s right, pussywalking. The pussywalk creates a pathway for you to tap into the power of your vagina–yes, I did say the power of your vagina.

Because why? Contrary to what some in the presidential office of the United States might say, your pussy is not an object to grab. It’s a source of your power and it’s yours to reclaim.

My own results have been so phenomenal that I knew I had to share pussywalking with other women.

I’ve been teaching pussywalking to coaching clients and women who come to my Tango Goddess Workshops in Buenos Aires since 2012. I wanted to share pussywalking with more women. So I made these videos for you.

Do you want to feel more confident at work, in love, or any time you need to ask for what you want?

Would you like to have:

  • A more statuesque posture + presence
  • More confidence
  • A lighter mood
  • More inner peace
  • A goddess-like connection to your own sexuality whether you’re single or partnered up

Practicing the pussywalk can lead to:

  • Better treatment at a cafe
  • Getting jobs
  • Rocking public speaking
  • More attention from a date or a partner
  • Helping you ask for what you want, whether you’re negotiating with a landlord or talking to a hairdresser about the style you want for new bangs
  • Feeling connected to your own self-worth and proud to be a woman

There are no negative side effects such as depression or decreased libido.

Step 1:

Let’s try something new: pussywalking! First watch this 2-minute intro.

Step 2:

Watch this 10-minute lesson. This video will give you enough to help you try pussywalking for the first time.

Step 3:

Sign up here to get graduate-level instruction, the possibility of connecting with other pussywalkers and support to continue + deepen your pussywalking practice.

“I practiced pussywalking for the first time last night, just for a few moments, when I was walking along the street on an evening out with my partner. He looked over at me almost immediately and said, ‘You look beautiful tonight.’ And when we got home later he said, ‘I was so proud to be walking with you tonight, your posture was… statuesque… proud.’ He couldn’t quite put it into words and I didn’t tell him my secret, but this is powerful stuff!

I’ve also noticed that if I do it whilst looking in the mirror, it somehow pulls all my internal organs together and flattens my tummy a little.  I guess kind of like activating the ‘mula bandha’ in yoga which is a way of holding ‘prana’ (life force) into the body. Very interesting! Now it’s about how to remember to do it more often!”

Louise, UK

Beginning pussywalker

“I’ve had multiple in-person job interviews this week, and I pussywalked into all of them.”

Beatrice, USA

Beginning pussywalker


After you try pussywalking, I would love to hear about your experience. Send me an email back letting me how know it goes.

You may feel the PW immediately or it may take some time — a few days or more —  to wake up this part of your body so give it some time.

If you’re not already on the PW list, be sure to sign up. That will make it easy for us to be in touch re: pussywalking!

The Pussywalking Team

I could not have brought you pussywalking alone.

Pussywalking was a team effort with help from:
Tan Kurttekin, Videography + Editing
Cinthia Pacheco, Pussywalking Video Consultant
Pussywalkers: Colleen Fitzgerald, Erin Elizabeth, Terry LaRue, Jeannette Gray, Cinthia Pacheco

And last but certainly not least: Rumi Çamuşoğlu, Pussycatwalker (badass-quirkycat-with-no-tail!)



To go further, there are three ways you can learn from me right now:

Life Coaching with Sasha

Pussywalking is just the beginning. When you work with me, your whole world opens up. You can learn more about individual coaching services with me here. 

Come on a Tango Adventure in Buenos Aires.

Whether you come on a Tango Adventure you get the chance to learn pussywalking in depth from the masters while you discover what tango has to teach you for your sensuality, confidence and relationships.  Find out more about the Tango Adventure here.

Combine coaching and the Tango Adventure for the most powerful jumpstart on your life at home and abroad.

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