Are you ready to tap into the power of your vagina?

The Pussywalk Is All About Confidence

I’ve been teaching women pussywalking for the last six years in my women’s retreats in Brazil and Argentina, and whenever I meet a woman at a conference or an event who I think could use a confidence boost.

Pussywalking is a technique I developed through years of study of tango and female sexuality.

Pussywalking is or any woman who wants better posture, a connection to her own sexuality and a confidence boost . . . at the workplace, when making a presentation or speech, when dating or walking down the street.

The pussywalk is a kind of walking meditation drawing on the power of the vagina.

I know it’s taboo and provocative to use the word “pussy.” But it’s also fun. And it’s way more fun to say “pussywalkng” than “vaginawalking.”

The pussywalk creates a pathway for you to tap into the power of your vagina–yes, I did say the power of your vagina.

What’s more powerful than the vagina anyway?

This is not just about teaching you a new walk; it’s about teaching you to walk with confidence. The pussy walk is transformationa–it’s really teaching how how to be a new woman. A woman who knows her own inherent power.

Some benefits you may experience when you start to put your attention on your pussy as you walk:

  • Increased confidence
  • More presence
  • Feeling grounded
  • Queen-like feelings
  • It’s fun!

Which might lead to:

  • Mischievous smiles
  • Better treatment at a cafe
  • Getting jobs and rocking negotiations or public speaking
  • More attention
  • Feeling connected to yourself and proud to be a woman

Try it out and let us know how it goes!

Now that we have this video as a teaching tool, the pussycircle is growing.

Want to learn more? Watch the video above for your primer, then be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get access to graduate-level pussy connection teachings later on.

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