In his book Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone, NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg describes Sasha as “something of a hero for the growing ranks of singletons who are learning to feel secure with their status, and she is often their public face. She appears frequently on popular national television and radio programs to explain that going solo is a viable, legitimate, and not necessarily lonely way to dwell in a city—a point that is surprisingly controversial given how many people are already living alone.”

Sasha speaks not only about being single but also about equal relationships, dating, self-marriage and tango. She is frequently quoted as a dating and lifestyle expert in press such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NPR, and Washington Post.

Sasha’s work as a writer, coach and community-builder has been featured by more than 100 national, international, and local outlets.

She does a lot of interviews around February 14 (Valentine’s Day, AKA International Quirkyalone Day!).

She also speaks on feminism, women’s issues, female sexuality, to-do lists, work-life balance, and leading a meaningful life.

If you’d like to invite Sasha on your program, write her at sasha at sashacagen dot com

Here are just a few of the highlights.

BBC World Service’s “Why Factor”: Why do we make lists?

CNN: Sasha Cagen/Quirkyalone talking with Anderson Cooper

Cosmopolitan: Why I married myself

Diario Critica de Argentina: “Solo y Sin Apuros” (Buenos Aires quirkyalones, the title means “single and not in a hurry”)

Globo Brasil, a segment on quirkyalones, I’m on at 1:12 (in English). (Germany): “Aufhören zu suchen und anfangen zu finden” (Stop looking and start to find)

Irish Times: How to find your inner goddess (on the lost art of sensuality, this piece is connected to my Tango Adventure work and my upcoming memoir)

London Guardian: Are you a single or a quirkyalone?

The London Independent: Note to self: The therapeutic effects of reading other people’s to-do lists

NBC11: Sharing my to-do list research (from my second book)

New York Times: The Quirky Habits of Solo Dwellers

New York Times: What makes a successful business aimed at singles

New York Times: Women across the world are getting married–to themselves

NPR: Quirkyalone Day 2013 interview  (A commenter called this show insightful and therapeutic and I agree.)

NPR’s Talk of the Nation: What Does Your To-Do List Say About You?

NPR’s All Things Considered: Talking about New Year’s resolutions and to-do lists

Real Simple: To Do: Fall in Love

USA TODAY: interview when Quirkyalone had just come out

Wall Street Journal: “Conquering the To-Do List”

Vice: Is Getting Married to Yourself the Next Hot Self-Esteem Trend?

Vice: Women Who Married Themselves Talk About How It Feels

Vogue: Why Women Are Choosing to Marry Themselves