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Technically a radio show, and not a podcast–and something you’ll want to listen to. An Illinois NPR station invited me on their Valentine’s Day show in 2013. February 14 is also Quirkyalone Day!
Listen to this therapeutic and thought-provoking conversation on NPR, International Quirkyalone Day 2013

Single Shame

Since 2014, I’ve been shining a light on “single shame:” the awkward feeling some single people who have been on their own for a long time may feel when they are out on a date and someone asks, “When was your last relationship?” In this video I talk with fellow author Sara Eckel (It’s Not You) about how to heal single shame.

Unclassified Woman: CLICK HERE to LISTEN

Unclassified Woman is all about combatting “limiting female narratives”:

“With almost 25% of women over 40 child-free by choice or childless through circumstance, it seems absurd that women still have to justify their decisions or endure pity about why they’re not mothers. Motherhood is not a mandate and yet so many women are made to feel ‘less than’ or viewed suspiciously or disparagingly, if they are creating a life of meaning beyond biological mothering.

All of these outdated stereotypes lead to one dangerous assumption: what’s your value beyond being a mother? As mainstream society still tends to over-celebrate mothers juggling ‘it all’, and under-celebrate women who, whilst not mothers, have created lives of purpose and service – Unclassified Woman is the perfect antidote to limiting female narratives.”

Michelle and I recorded an intimate conversation for her series Unclassified Woman.

I remember the conversation being so personal that I was afraid to listen to it when she sent it to me. I summoned the courage, pressed play and found the conversation very nourishing.

I hope you will find the realness nourishing too.

In our Unclassified Woman conversation, we go into:
– the messy truth about why I haven’t had children, and many women today do not
– social infertility and circumstantial infertility (our choices are not always entirely choices)
– a near-death experience I had that helped me see I can’t put myself through so much pain around comparing myself and the value of my life to friends who are mothers
– the process of grieving not having a child even though I was never sure I wanted to be a biological mother
– the delicious moment when you figure out who you are and stand for your own value

Unclassified Woman: CLICK HERE to LISTEN

What is “Wet”? What does it mean to you? I’ve chosen the name of my upcoming memoir for a reason and it’s not exactly what you might think. Lindsay and Lani over at the podcast Fuck Dating interviewed me about Wet.

We talk about the importance of exploring our sexuality and sensuality. What it means be “wet” (and “dry”). After you listen I would love to hear about what “wet” means for you.

How to Deal with Sex when You are Single 

In this podcast with Carolyn Arnold, who is writing a book about her 50 Dates Project to find a partner, we talk about how to handle sex when you are dating and looking for a partner.

Here are some things we talk about in this conversation:
• How to have a conversation about sex before (or while) clothes come off to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment. We give you some scripts you can use to open a conversation about sex. In essence, the conversation starts with the question, “Do we want to be sexual?” Carolyn thinks you can have this conversation before anything happens. I think it’s a little more natural after kissing.
• The “monogamous mindset of dating” (if you start dating and quickly become exclusive, you can get awfully attached when you start having sex, but are you sure this is really the person you want to be with?)
• Being truly at choice in sex at every moment and why this is important to have access to your yes and your no at any moment, and never feel you have to finish what you started (you have to be able to say no so that you can truly say yes)
• What is sex (is it just intercourse, or can we have a more expansive definition that might or might not include intercourse and might feel like what you actually want to do?)
• How to have supportive lovers while you are dating and looking for “the one”
• Menopause and why you might want to keep your sexuality alive during your 40s (based on Carolyn’s experience)

The tangasm: what is it? And how do you have one? This is a recording of a live story where I tell you the story of my first tangasm ever (in Colombia) at That Really Happened??? in Berkeley, Calif., in early 2016.

Loved listening to this, Sasha! Thanks for your continued openness, exploring and vulnerability to help us all.

Susan Vittner 

Portland, ME