Coaching Success Stories

“Reading your books, visiting your website and taking your classes have been the pitstops of my journey back to my truly me.”
-Andreas, Germany


“With Sasha’s easy-going, enthusiastic and supportive nature, I gained so much awareness of myself. As a result of working with Sasha, my confidence in myself was sky-high: I changed careers, restarted dating in an open/honest way and I joined a local tango community. I owe much of my new outlook on life and ways of interacting with others to Sasha. I have peace, satisfaction and a true view of my worth. If you are stuck or just can’t get rid of a nagging feeling that your life is moving by without you, Sasha can help like no others.”–Carissa, Florida

“Sasha, You’ve been on my mind so much in the last two weeks. On February 4th, I got married. To the man I met right at the end of our Quirkytogether course. Bill and I have dated on and off for two and a half years. The OFF times were always about logistics and societal shoulds. And yet we would always be drawn back together. Our relationship has always been solid. The logistics, questionable. We finally decided to move the relationship to the CENTER and allow the how-tos (where to live, etc.) to move to the periphery.So, we are maintaining our own homes and lives AND we are married. I feel like I’m getting everything I ever wanted!! Love!”–Barbara Berry, Florida

“Last night after our son was in bed, my husband and I stayed up til midnight having the most groundbreaking (for me) conversations about sex. I am grateful for your life-changing influence. The coaching work you are doing is important! It’s truly deeply healing, interconnected with many parts of life. Grateful!”–Marcy, New Hampshire

“I was coming out of a long marriage with an incompatible partner and I was confused about the importance of acknowledging and owning your sexuality. I had a typical English reserved feeling toward sexuality; everything is very unspoken. I had the feeling sexuality had the potential to impact all areas of my life, including my self-esteem, but I wasn’t sure how. Within my circle of friends I didn’t have people I could talk to.

Through this course with Sasha, it’s almost like I’m not living by my previous values. I learned how good sex made me feel for the next week, about my body and myself.

Now I listen to my intuition, I have the confidence to wear things I previously would not have worn. I became more aware of my own sexuality with clothes, candles, low lighting, now if I am feeling low, I come home from work, take a deep breath, see what makes me feel comfortable so I have lots of lights and pretty lights and light the candles and put the aromatherapy and oils.

Sasha seemed to very easily pick up on what I was saying. She brings structure and checked in with me a lot about what was most important to discuss. I think Sasha has an ability to tune into people and help them understand themselves. The top thing I learned by working with Sasha is to value sex. I’m having the best sex of my life.”–Jeannette, 46, UK

“I’ve had vaginismus for a few years which caused me to have negative feelings about sex. I tried working through it on my own with a step-by-step self-help guide, and with doctors, but hit a block when it came to desire and wanting to attempt intercourse or any sexual intimacy. Avoiding sex with my partner of seven years became a habit. I was feeling like something was really wrong with me; my libido was gone.

I started my first call with Sasha wanting to feel turned on so I could have a healthy sexual relationship with my fiance.

Quite quickly Sasha made me feel comfortable and asked me questions to help me understand myself. I learned so much about myself. Coaching with Sasha makes you face these things head on and I was definitely at a place where I needed someone to hold me accountable and help me figure things out. Working with Sasha on my sexuality and sensuality, and my vaginismus, has been enlightening, interesting, fun, emotional, useful, exciting, therapeutic. I am experiencing pleasure that I didn’t know was possible.

My partner and I are having the best sex of our 7-year relationship and we are getting married having a healthy sexual relationship. I know I wouldn’t have come this far without the course with Sasha.“–Laura, 28, Canada

“Sasha and I worked together earlier this year, and I’m very grateful I took the opportunity to do so. We talked a lot about relationships/dating; I had specifically sought Sasha out after reading about her Quirkyalone movement. Sasha helped me put a number of thorny issues in perspective, gave me helpful and creative ways of processing experiences and thoughts, and generally proved to be a very supportive ally in helping me move forward. I’d highly recommend working with Sasha!”–Kirsten, Washington, DC see review on Yelp

“Sasha is highly intuitive, articulate and wise. She listens to what you want at a deep level and has a great way of nudging you along, out of your comfort zone, toward getting what you want in your life. She has helped me to transform many deeply held and limiting beliefs about myself and relationships and opened up my world so that I have a more expansive understanding of what is possible in my life and in my relationships.”–Susan, Maine

After coaching one-on-one with Sasha, I feel a lot more confident embracing who I am and the idea that being single can be just as celebratory as being in a relationship. (Although I like to think of being single as being in a relationship with myself.) There is no sense in feeling “single shame.” I’m also not settling!“–Amanda, Portland, Oregon

I’d done therapy in the past, but working with Sasha felt more actionable and relatable. The biggest change since we started working together is that I’ve become bolder. Now, I’m actually dating, which is completely new for me. I’m meeting new people more frequently, too. In the last month I’ve met several men that I’ve seen multiple times: I cannot emphasize enough how that would never have happened for me before working with Sasha. If you are considering working with Sasha, DO IT (all capital letters and tons of emphasis)! You will see so much change in even a short amount of time. Sasha has a gift for helping people quickly realize what they want and why they’re holding themselves back from getting it.”—Lauren, San Francisco

“Sasha is a smart, intuitive, compassionate and practical coach and she has supported my emotional and creative growth in many ways. We have discussed a wide range of topics including relationships, work-life balance, creativity, nonviolent communication, ambivalence about raising a child, and being authentic. I learned new skills and tools through our sessions, which have been more effective than my previous experiences with talk therapy and life coaching. I have grown significantly through working with Sasha and I continue to see tangible changes. I highly recommend working one-on-one with her.”–Grace, Berkeley, Calif.

The top thing you should know is that Sasha is an amazing life coach who cares deeply about her clients and getting them the results they are aiming for. She does the job! So, there’s that.

And then there’s so much more. I love how Sasha practices what she preaches, really diving into learning about her own life and using those experiences to help people change their lives to be more in alignment with who they *really* are. She is adventurous, wise, and willing to be vulnerable in her work and practice which for me, is HUGE for anyone who is doing this kind of work. I don’t really trust people with my personal life information that aren’t vulnerable themselves. Her writing is inspiring and real. Her sense of humor and playfulness compliments her depth beautifully. And her curiosity! It’s one of a kind. She asks the important questions and actually cares about the answers. I’ve always been impressed by where we can go in just an hour.–Lindsay Chrisler, Oakland, California

“When I first started working with Sasha, I was a few months out of a serious relationship and terrified of being alone. I was scared that I wasn’t going to have the opportunity to have my own family (I recently turned 30). Now, I’m a lot more happy and comfortable in my single life. The biggest epiphany that stands out is the one I had about vulnerability. I’m understanding that vulnerability is beautiful and a strength, not a weakness. I also came to an understanding that I need to stick up for myself more. Working with Sasha was great! Very enlightening and helpful.”–Amanda, 30, New Jersey

“Sasha coached me as I transitioned from a married father of three to single divorced dad. Thrown to the single world, I didn’t want to simply admit defeat in the comfort of a not-so-great relationship. I wanted to figure out a productive way to solve uniquely single issues in a safe and secure environment. Sasha was a great life coach, cheerleader, and singles guru. I found Sasha to be smart, open, and good at checking in with where I really was in an intuitive way, which allowed her to make suggestions to me that helped me make changes and improve my life as I found my single guy feet.”–Josh, 38, Atlanta

Sasha’s support and encouragement to look at things from a different perspective in order to really thrive is so refreshing and very powerful. Her encouragement to feel truly comfortable with myself and my vision for a good life provided me with a foundation of loving intention as I entered into my new relationship. I understand that relating to another can have its challenging moments, but with clarity around values and showing up with authenticity, navigating those challenges can be the most rewarding experience. I’m so glad that I found out about Sasha’s fantastic work!”–Hilary, Australia

“I did a one-on-one coaching program Project Enjoy with Sasha. Sasha’s approach is practical, empathetic and pushes you to not only realize what you want but also opens your mind to new concepts and paths. The program is well organized with structured Skype calls, emails and elements customized for my specific goals. I found that the coaching positively impacted all areas of my life – relationships, professional and with myself. Overall my experience with Sasha was extremely rewarding and I would recommend her coaching programs to anyone who is considering.”–Amy, Connecticut