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Get to know the purpose of your pussy in the Pussywalking Workshop! May 9, 8-10 pm in Buenos Aires. Get details + sign up here!

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Solo Chica™ was created to empower women to land in a new place knowing no one and quickly dive in for their own transformative travel experiences. Wanna go on an adventure?

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Whether you are at a career crossroads or you want clarity on a relationship, you can find support in my distinctive style of coaching. I’ll always have my eye on what’s healing, growthful and fun for you and your life journey.

My Books 

Quirkyalone, To-Do List and a memoir on the way.  

What we do

We help women (and a few men!) who are saying no longer to confining social conditioning and yes to themselves. Sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch.

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Buenos Aires


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About Sasha

Sasha Cagen is the author of the cult favorite Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics and To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us. Her work as an author, life coach for women and entrepreneur has been featured everywhere from NPR and the New York Times to CNN and Vogue. 

In her well-loved newsletter going to thousands who identify with "quirkyalone," Sasha is the voice for people who don't want to settle--in any area of life. 

In her coaching practice, Sasha helps smart, successful women (and a few sensitive, self-aware men) get clear on their goals and achieve them while always helping her clients focus on core issues such as self-worth. 

Through her Tango Adventures, she helps people go deep in the authentic tango scene of Buenos Aires while using tango as a mirror and a metaphor to help each person discover what tango has to teach them. 

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