Read About Tango

I write about tango as a metaphor . . . and as a tool for personal empowerment in your life and relationships. Tango goes very deep. Once you understand the nature of the dance, you’ll find that tango has as much to teach you off the dance floor as it does on it.

Whether you become completely obsessed with tango like I have, or you just take one tango class, you can learn things through this dance that will powerfully transform your life, relationships, and sex.

My mission is to help you draw out the connections for you through the Tangasm Adventure in Buenos Aires, my “wet coaching” and my writing.

You can read some of my insights about tango here.

What Tango Taught Me About Relationships (this essay has also been published on Huffington Post and very widely shared)

Is Tango Better Than Sex? (another favorite that has been widely published in Spanish and English on the Huffington Post, the ManifestStation, and on Spanish-language tango blogs . . on the tangasm!)

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Psicotango: How Tango Can Be Therapy

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How Tango Helped Amanda Recognize an Unhealthy Relationship (an interview with a participant from a 2014 Tangasm Adventure)