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“I love the whole ‘quirkyalone’ concept and movement so much, I am so happy you were inspired to start this, and bring together all of us colorful and wonderful quirkyalones, and show us that we are not “alone”, there are many of us everywhere! I look forward to connecting more with the ‘quirky’ community, expanding my life experience, sharing and having fun!”
-Margarita Kleinman
“Sasha Cagen gives you the tools to not only understand and appreciate your true essence, but also you learn how to fully access your inner voice which will lead you to the people, places and situations that honor the very best of who you are. I highly recommend her books, classes and coaching if you have felt stagnant, alienated or as if something is missing.”
-Paula White, nurse and writer, Chicago

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I welcome your responses and I love conversation and collaboration. Conversation leads us to deep places we might not find on our own.

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Sasha Cagen in Buenos Aires Hey, I'm Sasha Cagen. I'm the author of Quirkyalone + To-Do List, and a coach for women who provides a creative, action-oriented alternative to therapy. Since 2000, I've been helping single people shed that feeling "there's something wrong with me" while also helping people craft relationships where they don't lose their individual spark. I now live in Buenos Aires where I coach my clients via Skype worldwide and teach tango as a metaphor to help you reconnect with your sensuality and even find your own feminine power through a 7-day Tango Holiday in Buenos Aires. Want to get to know me? Read more here.

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