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I have been writing about being “quirkyalone”–a person who prefers to be single rather than settle since I coined this new word in 2000. Along the way I’ve also written, coached, and taught about being “quirkytogether” too. Here are some interviews where you can learn about this approach to life, dating, and relationships.

An Illinois NPR station invited me on their Valentine’s Day show in 2013. Of course, February 14 is also Quirkyalone Day! Whether you’re single, dating or in a committed relationship, listen to this conversation for comfort and inspiration to be your full self whether you are single or in a relationship.Listen to this therapeutic and thought-provoking conversation, Sasha on NPR, International Quirkyalone Day 2013

Since 2014, I’ve been shining a light on “single shame:” the awkward, painful feeling that single people who have been on their own for a long time may feel when they are out on a date and someone asks, “How long was your longest relationship?” or “When was your last relationship?” In this video I talk with fellow author Sara Eckel (It’s Not You) about how to heal single shame. Listen to this if you want help with navigating these questions on a date. We share our stories and strategies.

Jody Day of the great website Gateway Women for women who are childless (or childfree) by circumstance interviewed me about the choice to become a mother–or not. Many people call ambivalence a problem, but we explore the value of ambivalence when considering one of the biggest decisions of our lives.

I’m working on a memoir that is tentatively titled Wet. What does that mean? My friends and fellow coaches Lindsay and Lani interviewed me about Wet on their podcast Fuck Dating, and the importance of exploring our sexuality and sensuality. This podcast will give you a sneak peek about what I mean by “wet” (and “dry”) and after you listen I would love to hear about what “wet” means for you.

What is a tangasm? I call it a sensation of total bliss. It’s not a climax but it’s definitely something you want to expeirence. I told my first live story at That Really Happened??? in Berkeley, Calif., in early 2016 about the highs and lows of the first month when I first discovered tango in Cali, Colombia, and the incredible sensation of having my first tangasm with one of my first teachers Oscar. Listen to this story if you might want to have a tangasm too.

On living abroad in Buenos Aires
Since 2010 I’ve been splitting my time between South America (Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina) and the Bay Area and as of 2016 I live in Buenos Aires. Here Amy Scott from Nomadtopia (a website to support digital nomads) interviews me about the big changes that happened in my life when I left a cushy job in Silicon Valley to pursue a more authentic life based on my passions. Listen to this Nomadtopia podcast for traveling and life-change/courage inspiration.


Sasha Cagen in Buenos Aires Hey, I'm Sasha Cagen. I'm the author of Quirkyalone + To-Do List, and a coach for women who provides a creative, action-oriented alternative to therapy. Since 2000, I've been helping single people shed that feeling "there's something wrong with me" while also helping people craft relationships where they don't lose their individual spark. I now live in Buenos Aires where I coach my clients via Skype worldwide and teach tango as a metaphor to help you reconnect with your sensuality and even find your own feminine power through a 7-day Tango Holiday in Buenos Aires. Want to get to know me? Read more here.

Come away with me to Buenos Aires

Discover yourself through a Tango Adventure in Buenos Aires.

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